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The Dragon’s Way

The Dragon’s Way is a six-week weight loss and stress management program based on ancient energy practices to re-balance and revitalize the body.

It’s easy, effective, educational, and enjoyable! Thousands of people have used the Dragon’s Way to discover how to restore their health and live more fulfilled lives.

Based on ancient healing principles, the Dragon’s Way frees you from diet pills, starvation plans that punish the body, and from beating the body into shape with sweaty exercise routines. Instead, you learn how to love and heal yourself from the inside out by doing simple Qigong (“Chee-Kung”) movements, reducing stress and learning to listen to your body’s wisdom.

The Dragon’s Way 6-week program aims to bring the body back into balance by focusing on Qi–your healing life force, or vital energy–and activating your body’s innate ability to heal itself. Excess weight and over wrought emotions are two key signs that your body is out of balance and cannot function optimally.

Through the Dragon’s Way program you learn how to reconnect and tune into your body’s inner wisdom and “hear” the powerful messages intended only for you. These messages contain the true secret to living a happy and healthy life. Once you have activated this ability, you will start healing the underlying root causes of your body’s imbalances. These imbalances are the root cause of weight gain, depression, stress and a many other health problems, like insomnia, headaches, bloating, fatigue, high blood pressure, food allergies, constipation and more.

Upcoming Dragon’s Way classes: Next six-week class begins: Monday, March 24th.
Monday, March 24 – Monday, May 5 at WholeHealth Chicago, 2522 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago. The class will meet from 7:00 – 8: 00 PM.

Program Costs: The cost for the 6-week Dragon’s Way program is $200.  The cost to repeat the program is $75.  All participants receive a Dragon’s Way Booklet with information and guidance about how to benefit from the program. Also, every participant receives a guided audio practice CD intended to help people do the 10 Wu Ming Qigong exercises on their own. In addition, participants have the option to purchase other materials to enhance their Dragon’s Way experience.

How to Register: Please call Dr. Stoler at 847-644-2296 or  Space is limited, so advance registration is highly recommended. Accepted forms of payment are: cash, check and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)

What are the main components and principles of the program?
10 Wu Ming Qigong Movements: Wu Ming Qigong is an ancient energy practice that works directly on the body’s internal energy channels, the meridian system. These easy to do qigong movements can increase Qi, open energy blocks, and prevent qi stagnation. When practiced consistently, Wu Ming Qigong will allow energy to flow more freely through meridians and organs.

Qigong, or Chinese energy practice, is a key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Qigong has both self-cultivation and self-healing properties. As a healing method, it allows the body’s organ systems to regain balance and work in harmony. Qigong is a uniquely powerful tool to connect the mind, body and spirit.
The Wu Ming Qigong exercises are the most important part of the Dragon’s Way Program.

Stress Busters: The typical Western lifestyle has both obvious and hidden sources of stress. Both Western and Eastern healing approaches recognize that unmitigated stress is one of the root causes of illness. In the Dragon’s Way program, you learn to identify the key sources of stress in your life (for example, most people do not get enough sleep!). The Dragon’s Way program incorporates tools for learning how to preserve your vital energy and “let go” of energy draining stress, tension and unbalanced emotions.

Foods for Healing: The Dragon’s Way Program educates you about how eating is an important component of healthy living. Eating can be a healing experience. At the root, everything, including food, is energy. This is the fundamental teaching of Traditional Chinese Medicine. On a daily basis, the foods we eat are our main source for building energy and keeping our Qi strong. Beyond the material aspects of foods like calories, nutritional properties, vitamins, and the like, you learn about specific foods whose energy–or, essence–supports your internal organs and thus promote healing. Every recommended food in the Dragon’s Way program has its own signature essence and at least one healing purpose.

Messages from the body: Your body knows what to eat, when to sleep, and how to function but do you know how to listen? On the deepest level, the body has a vast wisdom that can link you to Nature and the Universe. The wisdom of the body extends beyond your mind and your beliefs. Your body continually speaks to you, always sending you messages and signs. Once you recognize these signals, you will open vital lines of inner communication and improve your relationship with yourself. With this improved inner relationship, you will be guided towards good health and towards achieving your true life purpose.

How can this be? During the 6-week program, you learn lessons and skills that you can use for the rest of your life. Equipped with these, you will recognize the importance of creating harmonious relationships both within you and between you and the Universe. What you learn will help you achieve your goals during the program and will equip you with the knowledge and skills to stay on a path of good health and happiness.

How do I start?
The best results are obtained by doing the Dragon’s Way program in a group.

To register for a Dragon’s Way program, call Dr. Larry Stoler at 847-644-2296 or

You can learn more about the Dragon’s Way program by purchasing A Natural Guide to Weight Loss That Lasts by Nan Lu, OMD. This book and other Dragon’s Way materials can be purchased at the WholeHealth Chicago apothecary (773-296-6700), or through Master Lu’s office in New York (tel: 212-274-1079). The book is also available through Amazon.

If you live too far away and cannot attend a WholeHealth Chicago sponsored Dragon’s Way class, please go to to see if there is an approved Dragon’s Way instructor near where you live. You can also call 212-274-1079 with any Dragon’s Way related questions.

Is the Dragon’s Way a diet?
The Dragon’s Way Program is not a diet. It is a self-healing program for weight loss, stress management and overall wellness. It addresses the underlying factors causing weight problems. This program uses established Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) healing principles and theories to help individuals heal themselves and take off weight and inches. The Dragon’s Way Program strengthens the function of key digestive organs helping them be more efficient and to extract more energy from food. It does not rely on food restrictions, appetite suppression, or vigorous exercise. It is about working with the body’s innate intelligence and in-born self-healing abilities. Through the program, participants receive an education and receive a kind of owner’s manual to their own body, about how to maintain good health. The Dragon’s Way program is rooted in the principle of prevention. It teaches enduring, practical wellness skills that can be used for a lifetime.

Why is it recommended that people do the Dragon’s Way Program in a group class?
A group practicing Qigong creates a strong healing energy field that benefits all the participants. This magnifies the healing effect of the program. In addition, in a group, participants learn from others experiences and questions, and get support as they move through the different stages of the program.

Who can do the Dragon’s Way program?
The Dragon’s Way program can be done by anyone. However, because of the special nutritional needs of pregnancy, women who are pregnant are recommended to do the Wu Ming qigong exercises but not emphasize the Foods for Healing aspect of the program.

I have already done a 6 week Dragon’s Way program. Can I take the class again?
Yes. Definitely. Many people do this and for a variety of reasons. Sometimes people find they are ready to commit more fully to the practice and would like to have the group support available when they do this. Sometimes people have a sense that they are close to making a personal breakthrough and know that the Dragon’s Way program will help them. Repeat participants have a discounted registration.

What if I can’t attend the current Dragon’s Way Program?
The Dragon’s Way program will be offered periodically throughout the year. Check back to our website to find out when the next class will be held.

Why the reference to a dragon in the Dragon’s Way program?
The Dragon is an important symbol of transformation in Chinese culture. It is one of the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac. (The Chinese Zodiac includes: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, & Pig). The Dragon rules the Earth, the Water, and the Sky. It can transform itself and become anything. When you do the Dragon’s Way program you tap into this powerful energy of transformation that empowers you to go beyond your mind to make changes you may not have imagined were possible.

Who developed the Dragon’s Way Program?
The Dragon’s Way program was developed by Dr. Nan Lu, a classically trained doctor of Chinese Medicine, martial arts champion and Qigong Master. To learn more about Dr. Lu, go to

I was interested in participating in the Dragon’s Way program for several reasons.  As an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner, I’ve been aware of the benefits of Qi Gong.  While studying in China years ago, I practiced at 5am in the park with a crowd of people, but since then, I haven’t practiced regularly.  As a post-menopausal woman in her mid-40s, I wanted to lose a few pounds but more importantly, wanted to strengthen my organ systems to help maintain a comfortable weight as I age.  But most importantly, as a cancer-survivor, I am always looking to do whatever I can to improve my health, strengthen my immune system and reduce stress.  The Dragon’s Way has helped me achieve these goals.  I lost weight, feel stronger and am sleeping more soundly.  My food preferences have shifted.  I find myself drawn to eat more fruits, vegetables and nuts and less bread and refined carbohydrates.  I still love my sweets but am working on really listening to my body and not just eating sweets indiscriminately.  I was afraid that when I introduced foods back into my diet that the weight I had lost would be gained back quickly as has been the case in recent times when I have tried to lose weight.  But this hasn’t been the case.  I have been able to maintain the weight loss.  I was surprised that following the diet was not as difficult as it initially appeared.  I was not perfect by any means but I definitely didn’t feel as hungry as I thought I would.  I enjoy doing the Wu Ming Qi Gong exercises and continue to do them.
MS, 3/25/12

Dragon’s Way was a fun and powerful program.  I enjoy practicing the exercises that have become part of my personal daily practice.  They have become tools for me to remain focused, energized, and calm.  Beginning to understand a different philosophical construct regarding how and why the body stays healthy has been fascinating.  I had not expected my body to react as it did throughout the six weeks of training and everyone in the group had similar experiences specific to them.  I’ve noticed that often practice decreases my appetite with smaller amounts of food necessary to satisfy hunger.  I was most surprised with an improvement in my usual poor sleep patterns–sleeping more deeply and waking less frequently. I looked forward and really enjoyed the weekly practice with my Dragon’s Way group.
PR, 3/21/12

I am fascinated by the principles and wisdom Traditional Chinese Medicine and 5-Element Theory. The Dragon’s Way program was a great introduction to this approach to health care. It explains the importance of getting to the root cause of our health issues to promote true healing. I highly recommend the book. Although weight is not an issue for me, I was hoping to let go of the 8 pounds that had crept up on me over the past few years. I am pleased that those pounds are no longer with me! I feel much more trim and toned. Practicing the qigong became a twice-daily ritual that I thoroughly enjoyed. It did not involve a huge investment in time, and the results were very powerful. The most noticeable physical benefits include: deep, satisfying sleep (8-9 hours, sometimes without even waking up!), significantly less joint pain, elimination of neck and shoulder tension, elimination of afternoon cravings for sweets, and a strong bladder (no more leaking, which I had always attributed to delivering four children). Emotionally, I feel strong and balanced. The diet aspect of the program was also important for me. It was fun to try new food combinations and recipes. I didn’t obsess about sticking to the diet 100% of the time. I did my best and enjoyed eating, whether it was strictly part of the program or not. I have developed a heightened appreciation for food, being more present and mindful when I am eating, enjoying the scents and tastes, and a greater sense of the entire web of life that we share with our food. Even weeks after the program, the Dragon’s Way continues to be an important part of my daily exercise, meditation, and nutrition.
KO, 3/30/12

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  1. John Martins says:

    I will attend The Dragon’s Way session on May 8th at noon.
    John Martins

  2. Sharon Schwartz says:

    I am interested in the program
    My husband is also but really is not interested in the food part of it
    How much of this is devoted to food?
    thanks, sharon

  3. Dr. Stoler says:

    Hi, Sharon,
    The heart of the Dragon’s Way Program are the 10 Wu Ming Qigong exercises. They increase your energy and promote the healing of the internal organs. This healing in turn leads to improved health, reduced stress, emotional balance, and weight loss.
    The foods in the Dragon’s Way program are recommended, but not required.
    The program is not a diet. The focus during this 6 week program is to increase energy and promote healing while reducing the burden on the body. The suggested foods for healing support these goals and make it easier to gain benefits from the Dragon’s Way program.
    Thanks for posting your question, Sharon.

  4. Johanna says:

    When does DW start and how much does it cost? Johanna

  5. Dr. R says:

    Upcoming Dragon’s Way classes:
    Next six-week class begins:
    Monday, January 21 – Monday, February 25 at Lake Street Church, 607 Lake Street, Evanston, IL. The class will meet at 7:00 – 8:30 PM.

    Tuesday, January 22 – Tuesday, February 26 at WholeHealth Chicago, 2522 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago. The class will meet from 6 – 7: 30 PM.

    New Downtown LUNCHTIME Class Monday, January 28 – Monday, March 4 at 954 West Washington, Chicago. The class will meet from noon – 1:00 PM.

    Cost is $200