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About WholeHealth Chicago | Our Philosophy

Integrative Medicine is a growing field in which the patient and provider work together to develop a diagnostic and therapeutic program that makes sense for the individual. It combines the discipline of modern science with the wisdom of ancient healing.

This means for each patient our practitioners rely on the best evidence-based medicine and individualize a treatment plan--what we call a healing path. Your healing path might include one or more types of treatment, diagnostic testing, natural and pharmaceutical therapies, as well as referrals to other practitioners.

For people living with chronic or life-threatening illness, integrative medicine can transform life's physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. Integrative medicine can also be life-changing for those who are not ill but want to increase self-awareness, enhance well-being, and prevent health problems.

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Main Office:

2522 North Lincoln Avenue Chicago, IL 60614

phone: 773.296.6700 fax: 773.296.1131

WholeHealth Chicago's main office is located in the Lincoln Park-DePaul area of Chicago. We are easily reached by public transportation and have free parking in the rear of our building. There is also metered parking on Lincoln Avenue.

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Meet our Practitioners:

We have assembled a outstanding group of practitioners at WholeHealth Chicago, men and women who are leaders in their fields of expertise. Each practitioner has many years of experience and is dedicated to the integrative healthcare model at our center.

Janet Chandler
Clinical Psychology
Kristen Donigan
Internal/Functional Medicine
David Edelberg
Internal Medicine
Marla Feingold
Clinical Nutrition/Exercise Physiology
Casey Kelley
Functional Medicine
Marcy Kirshenbaum
Clinical Nutrition
Cindy Kudelka
Acupuncture/Massage Therapy
Sujatha Mannal
Cliff Maurer
Chiropractic Medicine
Karen Meier
Physical Therapist
Katie Huff Oberlin
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
Meghan Roekle
Clinical Psychologist
Paul Rubin
Chiropractic Medicine
Mari Stecker
Helen Strietelmeier
Asian Body Therapist & Acupuncturist
Seanna Tully
Nutrition and Herbal Medicine
Elizabeth Yamat
Case Manager / IV Therapies
Samson Wong
Myofacial and Muscle Therapy
Renee Zambo
Yoga Teacher